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Cheap, cheap, cheap!!

Not only is Guatemala my favorite destination based on its natural beauty, but it's also the bargain of the century! The U.S. dollar has definite buying power there as the dollar is worth about 7-8 quetzals (the local currency). Just about everything that is produced in Guatemala from food to transportation is significantly cheaper than the United States.

One Quetzal

A decent hotel with a bed, running water, and a shower could run you anywhere from $7-$20 a night depending on the quality and location. Those familiar with European type hostiles will recognize these in Guatemala as well--and they're even cheaper!

Transportation is extremely affordable as well. Taxis are all over the cities in Guatemala and be forewarned that they (like anything else for sale in Guatemala) is always negotiable. Bus rides in the capital cost less than 0.25 cents and for longer runs outside Guatemala City they vary depending on distance.

The local food is fresh and cheap. Mangos, bananas, papaya, and more are all just cents on the dollar! You'll think you've died and gone to heaven!

Basically, it's VERY affordable to visit Guatemala and stay awhile. Housing, food, and transportation all are steals and you could afford to stay weeks at a time!